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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Liberals -- I need your input

My sphere of influence is minuscule and the vast majority of those who occupy that sphere are politically conservative ..... therefore, I need some liberal input.  Because .... I have questions.

Many conservative talk/news show hosts say this about you.   I would like to know if it's true.

Do you really believe .....

1.  Republicans are either dumb or evil?

2.  More government involvement in our lives is good.  By this I mean government welfare assistance, fees, regulations, and social programs and the millions of government employees involved?

3.  Barack Obama is always honest?

4.  Republicans are anti-immigration?

5.  The more people who move into our country (legally or illegally) the better?  We're talking open borders.

6.  Stricter gun laws will keep criminals from getting guns?

7.  There is no value in a human fetus if the mother chooses to abort it .... other than, possibly for research?

8.  War IS terrorism?  (I saw this on a bumper sticker today.)

9.  The government should be providing more jobs?

10. Free speech should only be allowed when no one is offended?

11. There is no difference between males and females when parenting a child?  Two moms or two dads is equal to a mom and a dad, assuming all are equally loving and functional?

12. Global climate change is the most serious problem we face today?

13. America has a significant problem with racism, meaning the oppression of Blacks?

14. Religion is unnecessary, obsolete, silly, problematic, or dangerous?

15. Conservatives do not care about the poor and needy?

16. Republicans oppress women?

17. The growing national debt is not a concern?

I have little hope of getting answers because ..... well, as I said ..... my sphere.  But on the slight chance one person with liberal opinions reads this, I hope they will see that my questions are not impassioned nor worded in a gotcha fashion.  Again, I simply want to know if what I hear is true.



  1. Great questions! The most important thing we need to remember is that regardless of our political affiliation, in the end, we are all Americans. And we need to stand together in our neighborhoods to support and strengthen each other.

  2. Absolutely. But sadly, sometimes it takes a disaster and a clearly defined common enemy to bring us together. Remember 9/11? For a short time we forgot our differences and stood united with our love for our country. And that is the whole point -- our love for our country. Neither side are demons as we struggle to achieve what we feel is needed. Conservatives want to preserve what they believe is good and liberals want to change to what they believe is good. Thanks for commenting!